Saturday, August 18, 2012

VPD Officer Assaults Handcuffed Man on Video

This video from CBC News is disturbing:  Vancouver police officer filmed kicking handcuffed man

The VPD officer who kicked that man should be fired, no question about it. If this is how he behaves in public in the company of other officers, what brutality is he capable of when there are no witnesses present?

And what of the other officers who stood by and appeared to do nothing after witnessing an assault? Business as usual? Look the other way and maintain the code of silence? For shame.

The VPD is behooved to do the right thing now or wallow even deeper into the mucky quagmire of credibility only matched by the RCMP. Fire that officer.

As a civilized society, we deserve better. We deserve police officers that are not violent goons, and we deserve police officers who will not turn a blind eye to obvious crimes committed by those unfit to wear the badge.

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