Thursday, August 16, 2012

Anonymous RCMP Members Speak Out as the Re-Sergeance

Some RCMP officers are "Mad as hell, not going to take this anymore!"

After reading the National Post article Dissident Mounties threaten to expose force’s ‘orchards of Bad Apples’ I found the following post online, which sounds very authentic:
"You start your day by signing into work via a 30 year old radio that doesn't work and doesn't provide coverage for 1/2 of your patrol area. (The RCMP radios in Alberta are on display at the LAPD police museum)"

"Your car has A/C only because the RCMP was sued by it's members in the 1990's for removing the A/C from the patrol cars and selling them (You can look it up)"

"Your uniform is old because the force refuses to supply it's members with proper kit. Your bulletproof vest is expired, but you can't prove it because the RCMP cut off the expiry tag (This isn't a joke). You also can't ask for new kit because it requires the approval of a supervisor who receives a bonus if he comes in under budget for the year. (Inspectors and above, look it up) You also can't get training, promotional opportunities, or transfers unless the boss likes. (Detachment commanders are considered line officers and have a say in all of the above). Sure, you can't exactly get sent to a gulag in Siberia, but your entire family can get sent to nunavut for "operational necessity" (Also actually happens)"

"You spend your shift responding to calls that you are unable to investigate because you don't have the time. This is because a large portion of your detachment is on stress leave. Don't worry though, the RCMP is working hard to have the medical license of the Doctor who diagnosed it, removed. (See previous RCMP article) Also, the force is unwilling to pay overtime to provide sufficient coverage because they get a bonus (See above). Luckily you're in B.C. and not a rural area where you likely have no backup for night shifts. (RCMP recently changed the backup policy after several lawsuits from the families of slain RCMP members)"

"If you go back to the office, you're bullied by supervisors that you can't file a grievance against them because you have no independent grievance process. The SRR members (your representation) is comprised of RCMP members (supervisors and above) who represent you. It's like complaining to one guard in a prison about being abused by another guard." "If you happen to die in the line of duty, the force will however send an SRR to provide emotional support for your widow and small child. Hopefully he can keep his dick out of your widow in the days after your death (Also happened)"

"If you're capable at your job, you get more work piled onto you to help avoid public complaints and mismanaged investigations. If you're terrible, you get put in a cushy job without any responsibility because you can't be fired (See RCMP members at your local airport). If you boss is mad at you, he'll forward public complaints against you that are without merit, to make you look bad ,which in turn saps resources away from investigating real misconduct."

"You also rely on your boss for any hope of promotion, and the RCMP relies on a opaque promotional scheme that relies on seniority rather than merit. Policy also prohibits you from appealing all promotions inside an RCMP Detachment. You also can't complain to anyone outside the organization because the RCMP act forbids it and your CAN be fired for insubordination or bringing disrepute to the RCMP. (It's written in the policies)"

"Thankfully, the RCMP has brought in a saviour, Elliot...err...Paulson. He's going to save the organization. So far, he's sent out three emails style telling the RCMP to work harder and told people that he is seeking more powers to have people fired if they don't get in line behind him."

"You remember that RCMP member who was sent to BC from Alberta for drinking on the job and having sex with his subordinate? Well, the guy who gave him the slap on the wrist just got appointed by Paulson as his "Professionalism Czar""

"I could go on, but..well..what's the point."


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Anonymous said...

I am a former Mountie as well and although I only had 2 years of service in K division I have witnessed and experienced everything in this letter/article.

I feel for the member who wrote this and I feel a great sadness that this is the organisation I and so many others aspired to be part of.

The pride I felt upon my graduation was shattered by the unbelievable conditions that a lot of members work in.

I ultimately left the force due to poor working conditions and a very unprofessional and inexperienced (field related)detachment commander.

I hope very much that the near future holds a reform for the RCMP and I may consider returning to serve my country.

Anonymous said...

I am going through this now. My supervisor just banned me from my office for swearing. I have been ODS on stress leave due to a lot of RCMP crap. SInce I went ODS and diagnosed with severe depression the following has happened to me. First off all my assessments have coe in real good. The last one was end dated March 30 2013. A week later I was off ODS with severe depression. My keys were taken and I was only allowed in the office with a member to guard me. My supervisor made no other contact with me or advise me of direction on what to do or forms to fill out. He totally alienated me. I set up all DR appointments and counselling on my own. He has slandered me by telling the girl I was having problems with that I was dangerous, true. They interviewed hwe and kept asking her if I ever hit her. She said she finally told tham no he would never do that. My counselling was inadvertently cit off by the organization for 6 weeks. I still dont know why. This had a serious effect on my mental health as I was just starting to talk more and feeling a bit better. I stayed out of town with my daughter and one day I went back and my private accommodations were entered and all my stuff in my own office like pictures, uniform, binders, everything was oiled into my living room. I live in attached quarters but they have no right to be in my residence. I was the superviser there and basically moved me out while I was ODS. I swore in the office and thats when I was totally banned from my own office. My superviser then went to district to say they lost faith in me and I had to be transferred. I could go on more and I am sure a lawsuit will be coming their way. I just did an atip request on everything including emails. I also filed 2 complaints with the Public Complaints commission and another one for the entering of my residence. I have 5 more complaints to send in and then I start with human rights. Yes this is what goes on.

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Hey Anonymous said...(Oct 6, 2013) you forgot to mention the 3 or 4 other times you were suspended by the RCMP for other disgusting acts in communities you were in. Look up Mountie suspended for taking 17 year old girl for ride along, yes you made google. You were 40 something when you did this. You should of been fired then. I don't know what happened between you and your boss but what I know your boss had every right to get rid of you. Also you were suspended for not leaving this lady you were having problems with alone. She went to police because YOU would not stop!! She is terrified of you and still is. Hey you forgot to say you were married to someone else while tormenting this lady in Kindersley. hmmm do you have trouble with the WHOLE truth? You should not have a job in the RCMP. So glad you have left our area, please don't come back. We feel safer in Kindersley now your gone. Your sick get help.

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here is the link.

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Lol. The last post sure shut that guy up fast! The RCMP is a great police force. People shouldn't ruin the force's reputation for the wrong doing of few people. The majority of people complaining just don't want to be held accountable for doing nothing so they throw out words like Harrassment, Bullying to abusing the system. Don't get me wrong, there's always a fee bad apples but don't slander an entire organization for the wrong doing of a few people. If you're not happy with your job, then you should quit and find another one.