Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupy Vancouver: Man Arrested, Tense Situation Between Police and Protesters

I was there today and witnessed all of this:

A man was arrested today at the Occupy Vancouver cleanup and relocation to BC provincial law court property.

The video begins with a fireman leaving the site with a police escort after protesters became angry about his alleged insensitive remarks regarding a sacred fire that was doused by the fire department early last week.

Three angry protesters follow the retreating group, demanding accountability for the fireman's allegedly offensive comments. One man fights with an Occupy Vancouver peace keeper (wearing a high-visibility vest) who was trying to hold him back. Police intervene and arrest him.

A tense situation develops between some of the protesters and VPD officers while they wait for a police van. Re-enforcements arrive from the motorcycle squad and the man is taken into custody.

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