Thursday, October 20, 2011

Speaking of Awsome Helmet Cams, Here's F1

Go full screen and enjoy!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Vancouver: "Give Stephen Harper Battery Acid"

I e-mailed the Prime Minister's office asking for a response:

Stay tuned!!/bulletproofcour

Occupy Vancouver: Some for all, not all for some?

Occupy Vancouver protest day one: protester holds sign at the Vancouver Art Gallery during open mic session, 7pm Saturday

Occupy Vancouver: VPD Rapid Response Team

What interests me almost as much as the Occupy Vancouver protest is the cat and mouse game played by police, waiting in the wings to pounce on unruly behavior.

Tonight while riding through the alley behind Hotel Vancouver, I spotted an ominous black van with tinted windows, parked in front of a Budget rent-a-van. Police officers wearing high-visibility vests filled both vehicles (Note the flash reflecting off the vests and VPD insignia of the officers inside the front vehicle):

When I snapped the photo and the flash went off, I was impressed to see the doors did not fly open and officers didn't come pouring out after me. I'm glad to see they're saving it for real troublemakers, and not photographers. Good job so far, VPD!

Stay tuned for more Occupy Vancouver coverage going forward. I plan to keep scouting around the city and reporting what I see.!/bulletproofcour