Friday, May 6, 2011

RCMP Arrest Canadian Man "As a Personal Favor" for Corporate Executive


On the heels of the RCMP Dziekanski killers' perjury charges, more corruption within Canada's national Royal Canadian Mounted Police force has been exposed by a leaked message from the American embassy in Montreal detailing the arrest of a Canadian man "as a personal favor" to a corporate executive from the movie industry.

This RCMP corruption victim also died; yet another body covered in RCMP fingerprints.
"RCMP officers stated that they arrested the individual "as a personal favor" to a CMPDA [Canadian Motion Pictures Distributors Association] official"
Read the entire communication here. In sections 9 and 10, it clearly implicates the RCMP members responsible for this scheme of corruption:
"A superintendent and a staff sergeant combating intellectual property crimes at the RCMP's Montreal headquarters"
Learn more about Geremi Adam, deceased RCMP corruption victim.

More in the news:

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Wikileaks Document Describes Arrest Of Movie Pirate

Important questions that the RCMP and Canadians should be asking:

1. Who in the RCMP authorized this "personal favor" to arrest Geremi Adam?

2. Who is the CMPDA executive who requested Geremi Adam be arrested?

3. Would Mr. Adam be alive today if this favor had not been granted?

4. To what extent does the RCMP use state resources to protect corporate profits?

5. If a Canadian citizen learned that the police were coming to arrest them at the request of a corporation - "as a personal favor" - would the citizen be justified in using deadly force to defend themselves? (correct answer = yes)

Canadians need to have a real conversation about RCMP corruption and the growing corporatism of law & order in our country. We need civilian oversight on the RCMP - and every other police force in Canada - and we need it now.

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