Monday, May 9, 2011

Canadians: Why Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are Bad for You, Your Friends, Your Family and Your Loved Ones

MONSTER MASH: Pedophile Protector Pope Ratzinger and PM Stephen Harper agree: Marriage is only between a man and a woman, and "the distribution of condoms in Africa is increasing the problem of AIDS."

Harper Conservatism, to a large extent, is based on notions of sin and punishment:
Sinners should go to jail for punishment, not rehabilitation. Removing them from society is only a start; they should also be denied anything that ameliorates hardship as the public whim demands.

Sinners are lazy, addicted to drugs and alcohol, and mentally ill. They should feel ashamed about collecting welfare. They could easily cure themselves and improve their lives if only they believed in a higher power.

Sinners are sexually perverted - gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual, queer - and therefore undeserving of equal consideration under laws concerning marriage, partner health care benefits, spousal insurance, wills and probate, even hospital visiting rules.

Sinners get pregnant by accident on purpose from having sex outside of marriage, so they should be denied abortions, especially government-funded abortions.
Being moral and good as defined by Stephen Harper is the only path to prosperity and freedom for citizens of Canada. All others go directly to jail, do not pass G20, do not collect a settlement for false arrest by the RCMP.

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