Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ontario High School Under Fire for Ejecting Students Based on Abortion Opinion

Publicly Funded St. Patrick High School Suspends Students For Expressing Opinion About Abortion

St. Thomas High School in Thunder Bay, Ontario: STUDENTS MUST NOT SPEAK THEIR MINDS!
A Catholic High School in Ontario Canada has come under fire for sending students home after they expressed dissenting opinions during a school-sponsored abortion protest:
"The Grade 10 student wore the green tape in response to a pro-life event at the school, where some students wore a red piece of tape with “life” written on it and didn’t talk for the day to display their belief in the injustice of abortion."
While St. Thomas High School is definitely in the wrong, does this come as much of a surprise to students and parents? I mean really, what else would you expect from a so-called "teaching" institution that specializes in illogical back-flips in order to maintain a harmful 2000-year-old system of superstition and misogyny?

To the parents of St. Thomas High School students: Your children deserve better. Take your kids out of that evil school and send them to a proper one.

UPDATE Alexandria Szeglet's Aunt Kerri comments about the situation:


advocate said...

Maybe it is time for parents to think twice before sending their students to these institutions. How one side can be allowed and the other is censored, is not teaching them the lessons they need in life.

Furthermore, I am really bothered that this is happening in an institution funded by my tax dollars. Remove all dollars from the Catholic schools, like the other religious based schools, and make them private.

ND said...

This is a Charter violation of her freedom of expression. If the school allowed other students to alter their uniform with red tape that says "Life", there is no logical reason to deny other students the right to express their opposing view in a non-offensive, equally effective way.

bulletproofcourier said...

ND, you are 100% correct.

advocate, kudos on your comment also. Not one penny of public money should ever be used for religious purposes.

William Quincy Belle said...

Let's all write to protest as the blogger Not Guilty suggests.
Catholic school disciplines pro-choice student