Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to Disappear and Start a New Life in a New Country with a New Name

DISCLAIMER: The following dramatization is for entertainment purposes only. While it's fun to imagine changing identities and starting a new life in another country, the practicalities of pulling off a truly successful disappearing act are fraught with illegalities.

So you want to disappear and start a new life in another country with a new name and bona-fide authentic new documents, picture ID and passport?

I'm going to tell you how it could be done.

It takes awhile - the explanation and the execution - but in a nutshell, it's a lot of work and is fairly expensive, not to mention illegal. I'd expect no less than four months of constant daily effort with a budget of at least $5000.

You'll also need to be intelligent and quick-witted to succeed in keeping track of all the different details and lies you'll be telling as you disappear from one country and appear in another with a fresh new identity.

First you create an alias that provides a service to people in your age demographic. Create an imaginary new business or borrow the credibility of one that already exists and pretend the business is hiring. You're going to "represent" that business under the guise of a recruiter or company executive etc (or whatever works best in your particular situation).

You'll be using a fake name. Get a new cell phone number prepaid - 90% of sales kiosks don't ask for ID - just scribble in fake info and get that number going. Choose a cheap phone because you're going to send it swimming when you're done with it. And I suggest a calling plan that provides free incoming calls, because that's mostly how you'll be using it. Cheap cheap.

I'd suggest using the credibility of a business overseas rather than someone locally, for a number of reasons. Businesses overseas are understood to be exotic and can be talked up and made to be more attractive to prospective candidates. You can say the salary will be $X and absurd figures are more believable because "oh that's just how much people get paid there". Also, people applying for jobs overseas are going to have a passport - that's necessary for your plan. And that necessity makes it more understandable when you say you'll need a photocopy of their passport and driver's license (to apply for the work visa etc. so they'll be able to work legally in this country and run all the paperwork associated with that etc.)

Create business cards, adverts, flyers, put job ads in newspapers for the "career opportunities" being offered by "your company". Find people who want the job and interview them. Group interviews are more efficient; I suggest renting a conference room at a hotel and doing a slideshow presentation of some kind. Flashy and corporate enough to convince people that you're legit. Hand out your cards. Explain the preconstructed "hiring process" to your eager applicants.

The only qualifier you're actually looking for is candidates that match your own physical specifications. People that look like you. Everyone who attends the group interview is going to get an application (make them yourself or download and photoshop the real application form used by the business who's front you are borrowing) and everyone who attends will fill it out but only those who look like yourself, at least on paper (same hair color, eye color, build etc.) will get a callback for a one on one interview.

During each interview you'll small-talk the candidates about where they're from, how they got to where they are now, details about their family and whatever. Somewhere in there, say that you recognized their name and are they perhaps related to (insert false name here) and with enough chatter they'll tell you their birth city and parents' names (mother's maiden name is a must!)

Following that you'll proceed with "interview" number 2. You'll be impressed with their resume and their qualifications and their grades in college and other flattering things. Staging a second interview might seem superfluous, but it's really needed to cement applicants' investment and belief in the possible job, which is required for the next step.

You'll leave it at that and let the ideal applicants hang for another day or two. Then you call them back, say that you're interested in hiring them, but you need to do a background check first.

Create a legit-looking form or borrow one which requests their compliance to a background check and has them sign and scribble down their social security number (make them date it, it's the best kind of subversion for some reason, people will write down every personal piece of info they have so long as you make a bigger fuss about having the date at the bottom for some reason).

You take that information and let them know you'll get back to them within a week. And you do, but you tell them the company has changed direction and cancelled the project you were championing - damn them! - but you'll keep their resume on file and recommend them after all this corporate shenanignas gets reshuffled.

By now you'll have almost every basic form of identification they use for any practical purposes. Now you order a copy of their birth certificate. You do this in person or online. You'll want to specify an AUTHORIZED STAMPED AND SEALED birth certificate with applicant's information on it. This is why you gathered all his personal identity information.

Now you call the police from a parking lot to report your wallet was stolen out of your vehicle while you were out buying groceries and you want to file a police report. You had your driver's license, a hundred dollars, your social security card etc… Basically you're generating a "stolen wallet" police report based on the applicant's information - name, address, driver's license, social security card - but you give the police YOUR prepaid phone number. In case they follow up, you want them calling you. But of course they won't find any wallet anywhere and no one will turn anything in because there is not actually lost a wallet.

Calling the police might seem counter-intuitive, but it's important to make sure that specific police report exists, for reasons that will soon become clear...

Part 2 coming soon, stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Isn't easier just to take the name of an infant off a tombstone and then start applying for documentation under the phoney name?

Anonymous said...

Where's part II?

Anonymous said...

He disappeared...

Anonymous said...

their is no step two, that's fraud. All it takes is cash and lots of it. Leave a note so cops don't look for you and go. If you dumped everyone in your life willingly and they knew I doubt they will spend a ton of money and time looking for you.

Anonymous said...

Problem I see is police as why you leave wallet in car when you need it to pay for groceries also where are your groceries and why car not registered to you

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