Monday, February 21, 2011

RCMP Deputy Commissioner Peter Hourihan Apology: Many Days Late and Many Dollars Short

RCMP Deputy Commissioner Peter Hourihian to Buddy Tavares: "Sorry my subordinate viciously assaulted you!"

RCMP Deputy Commissioner Peter Hourihian has apologized to police brutality victim Buddy Tavares for being viciously assaulted by Kelowna RCMP constable Geoff Mantler.
"RCMP Deputy Commissioner Peter Hourihan paid a visit to Tavares at his Kelowna home to apologize..."

(BPC comments: What is wrong with you, Houriham? What makes you think you're actually welcome in Tavares' home?
Afterward, the trumped-up charges that the Kelowna RCMP tried to smear Tavares with were dismissed by Crown counsel.

The YouTube video of the event clearly shows RCMP constable Mantler kicking Tavares in the face needlessly and without provocation - an absolute violation of his RCMP training and Tavares' Charter rights - but still this bad cop remains on the payroll, collecting taxpayer dollars!

We need change. We need civilian oversight to kick brutal and crooked cops off of Canadian police forces. The RCMP, the VPD and the TPS are obviously not willing to do it themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I suppose it is necessary for one to make their police misconduct experience public before the RCMP feel it necessary to show any responsibility.