Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RCMP Casts Illegal DNA Dragnet on Prince George Taxi Drivers in Project E-PANA

Here are some excerpts from Cooper's article:
The RCMP obtained DNA samples from almost every taxi driver in Prince George in an effort to solve the Highway of Tears murders, industry sources say.

In some cases, drivers reported the RCMP said: “We have no right to do this, but will you submit a DNA [sample]?”

...drivers also reported aggressive police tactics on occasion, with officers asking: “Would you submit a voluntary sample? If not, you will be a suspect.”

“One guy told me they questioned him and tried to bluff him out. He said ‘they tried to say we know you did it,’ and pressured a DNA sample from him.

“Of course, it didn’t match anything... He was pretty offended.”

The RCMP indicated the sample drive occurred, but hasn’t responded to media questions.
The reason Tim Shields and the RCMP haven't responded to media questions is because they have something to hide. They're hiding the fact that the RCMP is violating Section 8 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Years ago, Canadian citizens trusted the RCMP enough to give them miles of rope to round up lawbreakers.

But recently, the RCMP have hanged themselves with that rope.

It's time for change. It's time for civilian oversight. The RCMP is an out-of-control paramilitary organization with a dirty habit of violating Canadians' Charter Rights, and that must be stopped.

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting that you suggest the RCMP of BC would like to rape, kill, and kick the people of BC in the face, when in reality you are fighting for your own "right" to rape and kill without fear of being traced by your own DNA. Makes one wonder what YOU have to hide. They have every right to ask for a sample, and the drivers had every right to decline.