Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jordan Bower is Walking to Mexico and Loving It

Vancouver man Jordan Bower left his home on September 1st, 2009 to begin a 2900km (1800 mile) walk down the west coast of North America from Vancouver, Canada to the Mexican border.

"I'm walking to get away from the need for speed."

I ran into Bower two days before he embarked on his journey while he was buying sunglasses and last-minute supplies at Mountain Equipment Co-op on Broadway in Vancouver. Later, over e-mail, we tried but failed to arrange a last-minute on camera interview before he had to leave. Ever since, I've been following Bower's Walking to Mexico blog.

"When I walk, I feel connected to the world around me – and to myself"

As Bower slowly walked,
his blog slowly grew.
With pictures and narrative,
of places passed through.

From WA to CA,
down the west coast by shoe.
A quick stop in Eureka,
for a beautiful girl.

"How can it be playful?"

Bower's Dec. 7, 2010 blog post from Eureka, California

For some reason, Bower stayed in Eureka for a few more days before moving on.  He is now past the halfway point of his journey; you can follow his ongoing adventures at walkingtomexico.com.

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