Thursday, January 6, 2011

Andrew Wakefield's Severed Head Keeps Talking After Death

Medical fraudster Andrew Wakefield was rightly and justly beheaded by the British Medical Journal yesterday. As his chopped noggin rolled around in the guillotine bucket, it remained alive long enough to tell a few more lies to the news media and cause more harm to his vulnerable victims:

Following Wakefield's public execution, it remains clear that he purposefully falsified data and lied in his discredited and retracted 1998 "study" linking vaccines to autism. No such link exists, despite doctors and scientists around the world trying to duplicate Wakefield's research using larger populations.

According to the BMJ article linked above, Wakefield was paid almost a million dollars by a law firm engaged in suing health authorities for imaginary vaccine injuries at the same time he published his fraudulent paper.

The final nail in Wakefield's coffin is this: why isn't he suing for libel or defamation of character - in England of all places, the easiest place in the world to do that? Because he can't. The allegations are 100% true. Andrew Wakefield is a liar, a fraud, a proxy murderer of children and babies.

Vaccines do not cause autism. Autism is not caused by vaccines. There is no such link. To believe otherwise is to wear a tinfoil hat.

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Robin. My little guy has autism. said...

Thank you for this. Wakefield has derailed autism research by who knows how many years and by doing so is literally personally responsible for the unneeded deaths in the meantime.