Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dealing Effectively With Ignorant Blog Trolls

Bulletproofcourier commenter Bob Devine rejects the study that proves Watching Fox News Makes You Stupid because
"The universities these days are probably the only places there are with a larger lefty bias than the [CBC]"
What a wonderfully stupid thing to say. Here's how I thoroughly spanked the ignorant Mr. Devine:


Bob Devine said...

Its nice to know that when I leave the odd comment that I am a troll. To keep you happy I will make this one my last here.
I do not care what the "study" says. Studies and poles are manipulated to indicate what the instigators of the pole or study want, and I think their opinion that the vast majority of news watchers in the USA are stupid is wrong. Many more people watch Fox than all the other networks combined in the states so these glorious academics get to proclaim they are stupid because what they say is gospel. You can buy that cool aide if you want but it will not sell in my neighborhood.

bulletproofcourier said...

Sorry for the unexpected public flaming, but I found your comment particularly offensive considering the damage that ignorance and anti-intellectualism is doing to our society lately.