Monday, November 8, 2010

In Photos: Randy Quaid's Immigration Appearance

Thanks to Sidekick for taking these front-page quality photos of today's media event!

Randy Quaid arrives for a Nov. 8 immigration hearing in Vancouver BC

Randy Quaid rides elevator crowded with media cameras

Quaid and lawyer face media following immigration hearing in Vancouver BC

Evi Quaid, talking to reporter


gang stalking said...

I believe Randy is likely a Gang Stalking target. This very simply means that at some point in his past under these occupational health and safety laws, he ended up on a list. The lists are put together by what are called Threat Assessment Teams. Once on the list, your life is systemically destroyed. You are followed around, stalked, and everyone you come in contact with get's a letter or information about why you are on the list.

It's believed that Britney, Lindsay Lohan, and Mel Gibson ended up on the list. The problem with these lists is that a lot of times they spread false rumors, or they just poison the person social circle. Eg. Someone get's a letter saying celebrity X is a danger to themselves or others, should only be seen in pairs, this goes out to everyone that person is in contact with, online and offline. Then some people around the target deliberately follow them around, monitor their online communications, and a variety of other things. Apparently all legel under these Threat Assessment Guidelines, and all fully capable of destroying someone's life. This is the information that should be getting out there. The Targets of Gang Stalking are not mentally ill in many cases or on drugs, they are targeted and need to get the media to expose what is happening.

Anonymous said...

The "authorities" probably also employ "hotwatches." Tracking your credit cards and cell phones with a closed court file that never notifies the target of the open investigation or what it is about. No due process. No civil rights.