Monday, October 25, 2010

Randy Quaid: From Hollywood Actor to Crazy Canuck Refugee in One Year

Randy and Evi Quaid: California mugshots

Previously I've profiled three public figures going "from X to Y", where Y equals a meteoric crash within a certain time frame: David Duchovny, Khuram Sher and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson...

Randy Quaid
just joined the list - From Hollywood actor to [crazy] Canadian refugee in one year:

Randy Quaid's note "Requesting Asylum From Hollywood STAR WHACKERS" in Candada

Randy & Evi Quaid are imprisoned in separate jail cells tonight after failing to raise a $20,000 release bond ordered by the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board.

A week ago, the couple drove their beat up car into Canada with their worldly possessions packed in the back seat, just like the Beverly Hillbillies:
"He didn't look like one of those (Hollywood) guys. He had lots of beard and his car had lots of junk in the back," said Hank Ew of Bill Chow Jewellers who described Quaid's car as a 10 year-old dark-coloured Toyota packed with personal belongings...
What's next, a reality TV show?

This Thursday Oct. 28, the Quaids will make their next appearance before the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board.

I plan to be there with my camera, stay tuned for video!

Meantime, enjoy the complete Vegas Vacation movie on YouTube.

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