Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Randy & Evi Quaid Update: Canadian Asylum Request

Randy and Evi Quaid: California mugshots

(previously: Randy Quaid: From Hollywood actor to Crazy Canuck Refugee in One Year)

Paula Faber, Vancouver media relations for Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada talked to Bulletproofcourier and provided an interesting update on the Quaids' case status.

Both Quaids were freed today after an impromptu 5-minute appearance before the board. Evi Quaid was granted unconditional release because her father was born in Canada, while Randy Quaid posted a $10,000 bond and must reappear tomorrow at 1pm.

I'll be heading downtown tomorrow to join the media scrum. Stay tuned for more on this. Meantime, for your viewing pleasure:

CBC News has more.

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