Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Officer Bubbles Defamation Lawsuit: Court Documents Revealed

Toronto Police Constable Adam Josephs aka Officer Bubbles

UDATE: "Officer Bubbles - Touched by Love" cartoon now available.

The following is an excerpt from Toronto Police Constable Adam Josephs' (aka Officer Bubbles) Statement of Claim against YouTube, YouTube user ThePMOCanada and 24 "John Doe" commenters (shown in bold below):
C. The Defamatory Statements Complained Of

16. The statements in the Officer Bubbles Cartoons and Posts about which Josephs complains are as follows:

(i) Officer Bubbles - Touched by Love

17. ThePMOCanada and Youtube published and/or republished a video entitled "Officer Bubbles - Touched by Love", which contained the following defamatory pictures and statements about Josephs:

(1) A cartoon likeness of Josephs;

(2) A depiction of a cartoon woman dancing, being confronted by Josephs, and being imprisoned;

(3) "A. Josephs is Officer Bubbles";

(4) [Officer Bubbles - Touched by Love Cartoon script]

(By Josephs): "If you don't stop that I will arrest you for breaching the peace";

(By woman): "But I'm just dancing";

(By Josephs): "Are you talking to me? I will arrest you for obstruction of justice too"

(By Josephs, with cartoon hearts appearing): "I'm touched by your expression of love. You are under arrest for assault"; and

(5) "Next week . . . Officer Bubbles shoots kitten in tree".

18. The following John Doe Defendants and Youtube published and/or republished the following Posts in response to the cartoon "Officer Bubbles - Touched by Love":

…"great video but that cop is an asshole shame on him for being a jerk off";

…"LMAO! thats some funny shit right there. I hope he gets convicted for being as asshole.";

…"hmm Officer A. Josephs . . . bet the "A" stands for Asshole";

…"What psychological test this did clown pass to become a cop? They must have been very comprehensive. This is the type of yoyo that give cops who do their work in a professional and respectful manner a bad name";

…"fuck officer bubbles";

…"true -- probably wears the sunglasses while looking at himself in the mirror!!!";

…"officer bubbles probably looks at himself in the mirror a lot";

…"What a sissy boy! I bet he cries himself to sleep every might!";

…"You really believe that the streets should have pig cops like "bubbles" full of aggressive rage, barely kept behind that "rule of law" and ready to pounce on anyone who does to question him. You want to give the bullies more guns and more money. And you tell the rest of us to "play nice"";

…"bubbles seems like a fuckin psychopath";

…"Remarkably, this is also the same sort of behavior displayed with great enthusiasm by another brand of jack-booted thugs who, some 60 years ago, between bites of bratwurst and steins of beer, tried to stuff an entire people headfirst into ovens. Officer Adam Josephs is an embarrassment to not only the city of Toronto, the province of Ontario and to all Canadian citizens but to decent, competent and professional law enforcement everywhere";

…"The thing is this cop is from 52 division (downtown TO). 52 division cops are involved in raketeering (shaking down club owners for protection). The 52 division drug squad is well know to have beat up drug dealers and stole their money and drugs… Lots of evidence but the proscuters took so long to bring it to trial it got thrown out (what a shock). 52 division cops are well known bullies beat up homelesspeople. If Officer Bubbles is just an asshole, he is the best cop in the division!";

…"It's a shame that the police are becoming uniformed bullies. It's bad when the local people tell them to leave their community.";

…"Nice going Offier Josephs, you are a real hero and a true testament to the sorry state of law enforcement here in Canada, and a fine example of the kind of policing people had to endure during the G20 farce";

…"That's what happens when a police force cares more about diversity than ability to do the job. This guy clearly does not have the temperament to be an officer of the law. I have been on the receiving end of more than a few cops hatred of white folks. This guy is a loser who will no doubt be promoted ahead of other cops based solely on the colour of his skin. Cry racism if you will but is most likely the truth";

…"If this steroid addicted Nazi has children, they must be sooooo embarassed";

…"officer bubbles your my NAZI hero!";

…"Good Work! Let's see as much of that asshole as possible.";

…"That's the idiot from Toronto G20. lol That dude had a serious attitude problem or a chip on his shoulder. He's the worst kind of cop. The female officer was calm and collected";

…"Awesome. Almost didn't recognize Human Garbage Collector Bubbles with long pants on instead of those nifty shorts he likes so much, but there was no doubt who I was looking at once he started flexing and threatening. And garbing. And being a general first-class douchebag. Are there more [Officer Bubbles cartoons]? I hope so!"

19. The pictures and statements contained in "Officer Bubbles - Touched by Love" and the associated Posts are false and devastatingly defamatory. These malicious pictures and statements impugn the reputation of Josephs, and were intended and understood to mean inter alia that:

(a) Josephs is a police officer who abuses his position of authority;

(b) Josephs is an unjust and unfair police officer;

(c) Josephs falsely arrests people;

(d) Josephs mistreats members of the public;

(e) Josephs is incompetent and unfit to be a police officer;

(f) Josephs would engage in animal cruelty;

(g) Josephs is a person of despicable character;

(h) Josephs has psychological problems;

(i) Josephs is a narcissist;

(j) Josephs presents a danger to public safety;

(k) Josephs engages in cruel and draconian conduct comparable to the Nazis under Adolph Hitler;

(l) Josephs is a corrupt police officer; and

(m) Josephs bullies members of the public.

Read the whole court document H/T National Post.

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