Thursday, October 7, 2010

No Pay No Spray: South Fulton Fire Chief Stands By as Home Burns

Obion County, Tennessee doesn't have a fire department, but each year its residents can pay $75 to neighboring city South Fulton, who does have a team of strapping young lads willing to haul their hoses across the county line to protect people and property from fire.

Gene Cranick didn't pay, so the South Fulton fire chief refused to respond to his 911 call until the fire threatened his neighbor, who did pay. The result: Cranick's home burned to the ground while firefighters stood by with limp hoses and watched. The entire gauche scene was captured by the Local 6 News team:

Other fire chiefs in Tennessee are expressing outrage at what happened.

Multi-millionaire TV and radio host Glenn Beck makes hay out of the story of a man and his family losing everything.

Canadians are left thinking WTF? This is totally foreign to us.

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