Sunday, October 17, 2010

G20 Blowback From Officer Bubbles

Toronto Police Constable Adam Josephs aka Officer Bubbles

Josephs is now suing those who ridiculed his needless display of aggressive behavior caught on tape:

Bubbles seeks to suck $1.2 million from YouTube for defamation. Who's paying his legal bills? The Toronto Police Union? If so, some members might want that money back.


Anonymous said...

Cops who take their jobs too seriously deserve ridicule. The G20 cops deserve contempt. For a time, CTV-Toronto posted a video of a single man in face cover walking alone up Yonge St, smashing windows along the way. Other protesters didn't assist, and there was absolutely no intervention even as he passed Dundas St (a main intersection). This was a 8 minute video. The G20 cops chose to allow protesters - all but a small group of balaclava clad participants, keeping the peace - to proceed to Bloor St, and then made mass arrests based on reports of violence committed by a few. Their target was ALL protesters, and the city faces civil liability claims based on that malfeasance. And those who deserved arrest, are escaping Justice because of the abuse of authority by cops. Federal money went to pay for that junk service.

grassrute said...

Being a police officer is a difficult task. I’m sure any officer given G20 duty knew it was bound to be a thankless task. I take my hat off to all officers stationed there. I’m sure they all would have preferred the G20 be held elsewhere. It’s always easy to criticize and make known after the fact what should have been done.
I have no sympathy for the bubble blower who was given fair warning before she was arrested. It’s as simple as a teacher asking a student to stop misbehaving in class, as insignificant as the misbehaviour is, obeying the teacher is the wise method of avoiding unnecessary punishment. It boils down to respect which I feel all the officers deserve.
I have no sympathy for the officer who has drawn unnecessary attention to himself by filling suit. Until the filing, less than 30 people had viewed this over publicized nonsense.