Monday, October 11, 2010

Free Speech is Superior to Stone Throwing Stupidity


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Anonymous said...

The Left needs to reconsider their alliance with Arab residents of the remnants of the Roman province of "Falestin." The founder of Islam had visited the Judeo Christian Holy Lands, as a camel caravan operator; arab speakers didn't reside there until the brutal conquests of 634 AD. Since 1945, over 2,000,000 Christians - mostly Arabic speakers - have been coerced out of those lands, as Islamist parties control Arab politics.

Dead Sea area Arabs are not an original people in the area; Syrians and Armareans and Hebrews and Greeks are exactly that. Leftists who believe that they are supporting universal human rights should be aware that their allies want sharia based tyranny, with Jews and Christians and Atheists and Muslims deemed "apostate," excluded. Muslims have a pejorative for useful idiots who serve as their player pianos: dhimmis.