Sunday, October 31, 2010

BulletproofCourier in the News

My blog and YouTube channel have been featured in local newspapers, radio and TV shows before, but this marks the first time I've made the papers simply for being at the scene (of Randy Quaid's hearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada):

Here I am in the background of this 24 Hours newspaper photo:

Left to right:  Bulletproofcourier, Randy Quaid

Here I am again on the Metro, same day:

Left to right: Randy Quaid, cameraman, BulletproofCourier, CNN...

That's me, centre shot above wearing the green cap! I'm really not that short; in the photo I'm crouching down to allow the big gun cameras to get their money shots over my shoulder.

The size of your camera doesn't matter however, it's what you do with your film. I uploaded all my Randy Quaid film clips to YouTube:

Randy Quaid Speaks to Vancouver Media pt.1
Randy Quaid Speaks to Vancouver Media pt.2 - "Star Whackers in Hollywood"
Randy Quaid Stuck in Elevator with Nosy Canadian Media

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