Friday, September 3, 2010

Sarah Palin Bares her Grizzly Clause in Vancouver, BC Canada

October 13th Vancouver Book Club Appearance Nets Mama Grizz $75,000 Scratch

Sarah Palin will speak at the Über exclusive Vancouver Club - 915 West Hastings street - on October 13.

Admission to the Bon Mot Book Club event reportedly costs $500 by invitation only so in case I can't snag a golden ticket, I'll be Going Rogue and putting together a team to get photos and film of Sarah Palin and her entourage wherever they might go in Vancouver (e-mail me if interested in joining).

Where will Palin stay in Vancouver?

A Google search for "what hotel do celebrities stay at in Vancouver bc" returns a fascinating article about celebrities who stay at the Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver, but they're primarily TV and film stars.

A recent Vanity Fair article - recommended reading to learn more about Sarah Palin - provides some very good clues to her possible Vancouver den:
[H]er speaking contract demands deluxe hotel rooms, first-class air travel, and bottles of water with bendable straws...
OK, so what's the most deluxe and expensive hotel in Vancouver that also provides bendy straws?


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