Monday, September 27, 2010

Quebec is the Most Corrupt Province in Canada?

Stop whining!

Macleans cover depicts BonHomme Carnaval as corrupt Quebec politician.

The FCCQ (Federation of chambers of commerce of Quebec) is asking Macleans Magazine to publicly apologize for their latest cover story Quebec: The Most Corrupt Province.

Wimpy wimpy wimpy!

If the FCCQ really represents the 100,000 businesspeople they claim to, they should have a hefty rebuttal power which includes the following options:

1. Write a letter to the editor of Macleans Magazine, debunking the article's claims on behalf of all members.

2. Invite reporters to a press conference and explain which facts Macleans got wrong.

3. Start a fancy website or a free blog that provides evidence to counter the claims made by Macleans.

4. Launch a boycott campaign against Macleans Magazine (shouldn't be a problem with 100,000 businesspeople on their side.)

5. Launch a YouTube PR campaign featuring videos from Quebec business people rebutting the claims made in the Macleans article.

6. Picket and protest Macleans properties and offices.

(Did I miss anything?)

When did defending one's position on the merits go out of style? When did demands of retraction and apology, and threats of libel and lawfare and SLAPP lawsuits replace the good old-fashioned fact-based rebuttal?

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