Sunday, September 12, 2010

Marc Emery Gets 5 Year Sentence Despite US Prosecutor Hypocrisy

Video: Canadian PM Stephen Harper needs a smack in the head.

Marc Emery - a Canadian citizen renditioned by the Vancouver Police to the USA on orders from the DEA - has been sentenced to five years in jail by a US federal court one week after his original prosecutor condemned US drug policy and called for an end to marijuana prohibition.

Former US prosecutor John McKay declared in a bipolar Seattle Times guest column:
"the law has failed, the public is endangered, no one in law enforcement is talking about it..."
McKay believes marijuana should be treated like alcohol:
"policymakers should strive for a regulatory and criminal scheme like the one guarding that other commodity that failed miserably at prohibition, alcohol."
It's great to see Mr. McKay speaking out against draconian US and DEA drug policies now, but where was his bark when he played lapdog for DEA admin Karen P. Tandy during Emery's political arrest in 2005?

For many years, John McKay imprisoned people under laws he didn't believe in. Karma awaits.

Adding insult to injury is California's upcoming vote on Proposition 19 to legalize marijuana in the Hollywood state, sounding the final death knell of marijuana prohibition in many northern and central US states.

For following government orders regardless of their cruelty and harm to fellow citizens, John McKay is awarded the 2010 human garbage prize.

John McKay: "Yes I hurt other people and destroyed lives but I was just following orders"

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