Thursday, September 2, 2010

Major Police Incident at Shangri-La Vancouver Hotel


Dan Burritt from News1130: Strange assualt at the Shangri-La tower

Terry Bell from CKNW reports on Crime in Tallest Building

More than a dozen police vehicles including two Emergency Response Team SUVs were hastily parked on the street outside Vancouver's Shangri-La hotel around 9pm tonight.

Initial witness accounts ranged from "it was a shootout" to "a balcony burglar" to "a guy with a knife".

Earlier, two ambulances had arrived and left the scene. It is not yet known if anyone was injured.

My video here shows 3 Vancouver Police Department sergeants in the locked-down lobby of the Shangri-La, talking to tense hotel managers while two officers take a knee at the hotel mailboxes to study evidence on a laptop computer:

Stay tuned.

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Dennis'much to do about nothing blog said...

They was a large contingent of police cars outside my condo building the same night at about the same time - apparently someone ditched a car the wrong way on Hornby and took off on foot down towards the water - heard that they found bear spray and a weapon in the car - a while later a police dog started sniffing around the bushes of our building - don`t think they found anything - wondering if the two incidents are related.