Saturday, September 18, 2010

John Kelly Site Allegedly Libels Calgary Police

Calgary man John Kelly has been arrested and jailed for allegedly libeling the Calgary Police on his website

The libel case against Kelly is weak as a kitten. To a reasonable person, his website reads like a disorganized rant from a conspiracy nut, not to be taken seriously. Just look at the table of contents at the top of his homepage:

"Substantial Proof. Irrefutable Proof. Irrefutable Proof 2."

Who could possibly take this stuff seriously? Apparently only the Calgary Police, who undoubtedly account for the majority of visitors to Kelly's website. The other nine readers clicked on the site by accident, became confused, and pressed the back button on their web browser.

Bold and baseless anti-authority accusations on a fringe website that nobody reads do not constitute serious or significant injury to the reputation of another person. There are thousands of such sites on the Internet and the Calgary Police only flatter themselves by claiming victim status. What they really seek is payback against long-time critic John Kelly for his ebullient and rambling criticisms that no reasonable person would believe or take seriously anyways.

Calgary Police should beware the Streisand Effect:
"An attempt to censor or remove a piece of information has the unintended consequence of causing the information to be publicized widely and to a greater extent than would have occurred if no censorship had been attempted."
As crazy as Kelly's claims against the Calgary Police are, some of them are very specific. Things that are being fact-checked right now by reporters on the story. Will the Calgary Police Service benefit from this increased scrutiny? Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for the RCMP - who registered charges for the Calgary Police - their target sent them an open demand letter, in response to their broad claims that the site operator defamed unidentified parties, asking for specifics.

The Criminal Code explicitly prohibits enforcement of Defamatory Libel where there is a "defence of truth."

That makes the arrest wrongful, the charges false, and the complaint Mischievous. As for the "defamation," it occurs on only 1 page of the website. A cop is accused of lying to the mother of a murder victim. Where is the injury? A tack-on "obstruction" charge, appears to rest on some alleged effect of the nominal lie on a 7 year "investigation." God knows what the hell that could be.

bulletproofcourier said...

Nice analysis, thanks!

Anonymous said...

John Kelly is a very sick man. He preys on unsuspecting individuals posing as a paralegal, which he is not. At least he wasn't when I had the unfortunate ride on his crazy train - then he blackmails them.

He's been involved with fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, blackmailing, uttering death threats, stalking, extremely hard handed intimidation, harassment, many many libel suits, many scandals, frivolous lawsuits... i can go on and on.

We ended up leaving Calgary because of his incessant harassment and death threats. The police said they couldn't help us until he actually did something.
He did this because we wouldn't let him blackmail us.

I watched him destroy many lives in the short time I knew him. He gets kicks out of it.

He's also an alcoholic with violent tendencies.

He takes great pride in hurting others, yet, has some twisted notion that he's robin hood.

I believe that the police have had enough of him and are trying to shut him up... not just because it's protecting their own, but putting an end to the hundreds of other's he terrorizes.

I used to fear him. Now... I just feel sorry for him. He needs a lifetime of treatment.

Anonymous said...

I have also seen the effects that his harassment has had on some very good people in Calgary. This man is sick. I agree that the police are likely grasping at straws to find a way to stop the defamation he has directed at many Calgarians.

Anonymous said...

A US professor referred to intentional abridgment of inculpatory evidence, done with the intent of evading obligatory service, as "unfounding." Kelly may rant, but website materials provide good foundation that a substantiable crime complaint was put before CP, and sandbagged. How would you react if protective surrogates treated your testimony as non-evidentiary. Hence the "corruption" claims. Cops don't do that? I studied almost 2 dozen recent criminal convictions of cops in BC, and can tell you: 100% of same resulted from police being in the position undeniability (video cameras, etc); 0% resulted from citizen exercise of the Right of Complaint. So we - the 99% of Canadians who are not court-officers - are all liars? Further, I found this: 100% of civil jury trials where a cop is sued result in at least partial victory for the Rights bearer; 0% of civil trials before a judge alone result in victory for the Rights bearer. Let's talk about private-prosecutions; in BC 0% of pleadings of these against criminal cops are successful. Let's go national and look into judicial complaints - 90% of judicial appointments are given to those with recent prosecutorial or crown civil experience. Of federally appointed judges, 0% of 1600 Complaints executed by Rights bearers against judges, have resulted in answers from judges; 100% of complaints executed by attorneys general have resulted in same. The Canadian Justice System sucks, and it has nothing to do with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, because that is an instrument of government for government.

I dislike a lot of criminal defendents; I like Natural Justice. I support a stay in R v Kelly. Incidently, a judicial opinion in one of his pleadings found that he was anything but a vexatious litigator, or that he conducted frivilous lawsuits. I would post same, but Quicklaw holds copyright.

Re a statement above, that Kelly had to do "something" before criminal Harassment, Intimidation and Threat to Murder were investigable. That is a crock of BS. The databases - including Canlii - reveal copious prosecution of same in Calgary.

Charlie Rizzo said...

I have met Mr. John Kelly and believe he should have a psychiatric evaluation. I do not believe this man should be free in our society without medication and/or supervision.

It is a shame that people with severe mental illness end up in jail at our (taxpayer) expense.

If he would allow a psychiatric evaluation to occur, I am sure his condition could be treated with medication.

In any event. Calgary is not safe having this man free. His ongoing threats and harm he causes for others simply must end.

I pray for him, and hope he will read my post and submit himself for medical evaluation.

Anonymous said...

One of the people he mentions in his posts is a Kevin Lockhart who is an ex RCMP Officer and he has defrauded at least 4 individuals that i know of, so maybe he is on to something?

Anonymous said...

Kevin Lockhart has been a scammer and leach for as long as I have known of him.....25 years.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Lockhart frauded me out of $28,000 and a few other people i met along the court path for $150,000+ If you know his whereabouts post it on here so some of us who have judgements can start garnishing his wages. scum bag

Anonymous said...

Also I have met John Kelly as well and couldn't agree with Charlie Rizzo more, he needs alot of help.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I should post this or not, however, I believe it is a good character reference related to the man everyone is dealing with:

Only view the above if you are 18 years or older.

Anonymous said...

its true that Kevin Lockhart has scammed multiple people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, including myself.

I, too, would be interested in finding out about his whereabouts so that we could continue to garnish earnings with our judgements.

In fact, I am the one that found him several years ago and started garnishment proceedings. Shockingly though - he quit that job at Purolator Courier in Vancouver ... and the garnishment stopped, of course.