Wednesday, September 8, 2010

David Hasselhoff Roast Clipped by Comedy Network in Canada

Video of most offensive comedians hidden behind most boring celebrities

Jokes about slavery, Holocaust denial, HIV/AIDS: Too spicy for Canadian stomachs?

Canada's Comedy Network recently aired the US-based Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff and is now hosting the video on it's website.

I grew up watching David in Knight Rider - it was one reason I took an early interest in computers and became the successful beach house owner I am today - so I really enjoyed watching Hasselhoff getting skewered at this barn-burner of a celebrity roast.

Prudes be damned, when celebrities and comedians roast each other the jokes are rude, crude, offensive and sometimes a chaotic shock to the humerus. (Learn what a roast is here)

Although the Comedy Network claims to offer the show uncensored, let's examine how they divided the Hasselhoff Roast into 8 online clips:

Clip 1
: 16:21 (Introduction, warm-up by Seth Green)
Clip 2: 04:48 (George Hamilton)
Clip 3: 06:41 (Jeffrey Ross)
Clip 4: 05:48 (Hulk Hogan)
Clip 5: 11:20 (Pamela Anderson, Gilbert Gottfried)
Clip 6: 07:54 (Jerry Springer, Whitney Cummings)
Clip 7: 05:59 (Greg Geraldo)
Clip 8: 08:39 (David Hasselhoff, conclusion)

See what they did there? The Comedy Network gave each celebrity roaster their own clip, except for Gilbert Gottfried and Whitney Cummings. Why?

Why are two professional comedians tacked onto the back end of clips of non-comedians Pam Anderson and Jerry Springer?

I think the Comedy Network hopes to minimize exposure of Gilbert Gottfried making these jokes:
"Lisa Lamponelli, I do have one question. Where are all the black guys you claim to be having sex with? Do you really think that in this day and age there's any black guy who would be caught dead inside anyone who's the size of a slave ship?"

"Actually Lisa has an important role in African-American history. It turns out the last black man to pick cotton was yanking out her tampon!"

"You know I've always heard that David Hasselhoff has sold millions in Germany, but like a lot of stories out of Germany, those numbers are probably inflated, if not a complete hoax."
And this zinger from Whitney Cummings:
"Pam [Anderson], you've slept with Brett Michaels, Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. Why don't you just save yourself some time and drink a vat of Magic Johnson's blood?"
In Canada, stand-up comic Guy Earle was put on trial for much less (see Guy Earle Trial) so it's no surprise the Comedy Network might be on guard about possible Human Rights complaints when editing these clips.

Welcome to the chilling effect.

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