Saturday, September 25, 2010

Corner Cat's Night Out on the Town

Guest post by Corner Cat:

Let me be the first to say meow that it's not easy being Corner Cat. Manning Catting my sidewalk checkpoint is actually quite challenging work. Meowing at human passers-by in return for affectionate pets and satisfying scratches (behind my ears, under my chin etc.) all day is very exhausting! Sometimes I just need a night off to relax and unwind.

Corner Cat pushes a six-pack of beer down the sidewalk.

There's this dog on my block and it's always sniff sniff sniff every time I come around, especially when I have beer or pot catnip.

Corner Cat: "NO doggy I will NOT share my sudz with you!"

Once I settle into my drinking spot, I appeal to anyone with opposable thumbs to pop the tabs for me.

Corner Cat: "I can haz beer cans opened please?"

Woot yahooz! I'z drunk and doez gone go fishing for goldfish here yo!

Corner Cat: been caught fishin' *burp*


Corner Cat: "Why iz I see double of you taking picturez?"

Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

I know Isabella, the Corner Cat, personally, and she is every bit the cool, confident, aloof cat that she appears to be. Thanks for sharing her antics with everyone! She truly is a character.