Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vancouver Pride Parade: Queers Against Israel Apartheid

The strangest sight at this year's Gay Pride Parade - winner of the "most non-sequitur" award goes to - Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.

"Who the hell are they?" the crowd around me asked each other, "Why are they covering their faces?"

"No occupation! More masturbation!" they chanted, confusing the hell out of everyone:


Patrick Ross said...

The irony is:

What is QAIA other than far-left, anti-Israeli ideological masturbation?

Anonymous said...

That's all they are, Patrick.

Were they marching FOR homosexual rights in the Palestinian Territories (which are conspicuously absent), and perhaps chastising Israel while at it, they'd have a foot to stand on...

...but until gay Palestinians stop seeking asylum in Israel because they have historically been accepted and integrated in Israel where they'd be stoned or hung in Palestine, these twits don't really have a foot to stand on.

Not to mention that "Salaam Vancouver," a Muslim GLBT group, marched with QAIA...hmmm, very interesting, given that there are 7 countries on earth which issue the death penalty for the "crime" of being gay, and they are all self-defined as "Islamic" states...nary a peep out of Salaam about that in anything I can find though. JUST Israel. They're what Lenin called "useful idiots."

Anonymous said...

Israel accepts who? Israel treats who as equals? Really? What planet are you living on? Did you know that it's illegal for gay Jews to get married in Israel. It's actually illegal for any Jews to marry non-Jews in Israel. Scary shit if you ask me. Last i remember it was the Nazis passing laws restricting people's rights based on 'racial' guidelines/identity.

You might find this informative:

Also check out Anti-Zionist Jews International: