Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sweden Democrats' Banned Commercial

Because this election TV commercial was banned by Swedish TV4, I'm featuring it here so it doesn't drop into the memory hole:

How might an election ad like that fly here in Canada if the pram-racing Burqua team was replaced with Tamil boat-people refugees from Sri Lanka?

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Anonymous said...

Right-Wing Populism is going to escalate if we don't offer a viable alternative to the problems of economic crisis. We need to rethink the fundamentals of our system before such parties are conceived as legitimate/genuine voices of protest. Hitler blamed the jews. Could people not see the problem was systemic? We need a radically new way of doing things. The market ensures that profit always comes first, and our governments step in line and infantalize us. What happened to actual democracy? I'm tired of this nightmarish vision presupposition of a "post-ideological man" and the totalitarian regieme that has proliferated internationally, spreading like a "neutral, value-free" cancer; "just abiding by the law of the market" while any attempt to establish some ethical, "common decency" (which is dismissed today as subjugating the individual to proto-Fascist forms) is considered the greatest evil. We're simply trying to "be the least worst system" - but we're turning into the very opposite.. Where are we going?! Why do we play by the rules we play by? Institutionalizaiton has a vice-like grip on us and we can't see the horror of our own vision.