Monday, August 9, 2010

Sarah Palin Speaks to "Worst Governor Ever" Critic

Palin's Daughter Behaves Like Street-Fighting Gang Bitch

Queen of white trash Sarah Palin spoke with critic Kathleen Gustafson, teacher and fellow fisherman's-wife hanging the banner "Worst Governor Ever" in Alaska, on YouTube recently.

Watch how Palin's greasy entourage conspires to block the camera view. Why? What are these weasels hiding? What does this behavior tell us about Palin and her hoodlum horde?

They're all con-artists, a team of white trash bumpkins sniffing at the big time but too obtuse, unsophisticated and morally corrupt to go forward in any dignified and self-respecting way.

In this video, Palin's entourage behaves like a dumb gang of hillbillies. Two brutes try to block the camera, meanwhile Palin's daughter leans in and gesticulates aggressively like a street-fighting gang bitch, saying something incredibly stupid. Houston, the apple has landed, it's right beside the trunk.

Or, as Sarah Palin might say, "A grizzly cub doesn't drop far from her mama's lions."


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