Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Parenting Texas-Style or Child Abuse?

It's child abuse:

Robert Rausch of Southlake, Texas thought himself pretty clever when he pimped out his curfew-breaking teenage daughter in a local newspaper ad:
"My name is Kirstin and I'm a 16-year-old CSHS junior. I'm in BIG trouble for missing my curfew and my parents are making me provide 30 hours of FREE babysitting as punishment. My pain is your gain so call 817-251-5864 to reserve a date & time.

References available and my parents will screen and verify all requests."
Rausch's plan backfired and his daughter is in danger after local creeps and child predators started calling the family home:

If Mr. Rausch was being honest, his ad would have read:
"My name is Robert Rausch and my daughter is my property. I get a real kick out of punishing her via public humiliation and forced servitude. I also enjoy the attention it brings upon myself, which I really like to bask in because this family is all about me."
Is this just the tip of the iceberg? What other perverted punishments has this cruel and unusual father perpetrated on his daughter before this?

Robert Rausch: Southlake's perverted parent pimp wears his best shit-eating grin for TV cameras

This creep published his phone number in the newspaper so feel free to call him at 817-251-5864. Hopefully he'll have to pay the phone company to get a new unlisted number, amounting to a socially-imposed fine for his reprehensible behavior.


Anonymous said...

This is quite the story. Twisted. You nailed it. Thanks for putting it out there. m

bulletproofcourier said...

Yes, thanks. I hope the media attention brings social services knocking to investigate how this creep is treating his daughter.

Anonymous said...

You people obviously don't have children. The bottom line is this: I bet she won't break curfew again.

(I'm posting this anomymously because I don't have a Google account and don't have time to set up one -- not because I'm trying to hide who I am. Steve)

bulletproofcourier said...

Children are not chattel. It's morally reprehensible to farm them out to strangers as punishment.

Publishing his daughter's picture in the local newspaper was especially egregious. It was an abusive, controlling and dangerous act by Robert Rausch.

This guy is a creep and the local community should be concerned about the way he's raising his kids.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she is still available, i might have a position for her, how does she look in a nurses uniform or a french maid? Or a private school outfit? She has been a naughty girl and needs a spanking!

bulletproofcourier said...

Exactly my point, thanks!

Smartpatrol said...

Am I loopy or does Mr. Rausch bear an unsettling resemblance to disgraced US Talibangelist Ted Haggard?