Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ken and Shelly Anderson Speak to Media Outside BC Supreme Court

Shelly Anderson, lawyer Stanley Schwartz, Ken Anderson outside BC Supreme Court

Vancouver lawyer Stanley Schwartz joins case pro bono, wins trial adjournment.

Today I attended the Anderson v. Anderson parental support trial in BC Supreme Court at 800 Smithe street in Vancouver.

A 71 year old mother is suing four of her estranged adult children for parental support of $750 per month each - including the son she abandoned at age 15. Although the case has been in the system 11 years before today, the BC Supreme Court must wait a little longer.

Vancouver lawyer Stanley Schwartz stepped up this morning to represent Sherry and Ken Anderson pro bono after reading news reports about their plight:

"I read about it. They needed help. You gotta give back. And you know what? I had great parents" Schwartz told reporters gathered outside the courtroom this morning.

Plaintiff Shirley Anderson was not present. She lives in Trail, BC, 600km from Vancouver.

Requesting the adjournment, Schwartz told the court "The defendants' case has a substantial amount of merit to it but they simply don't know how to do it."

The judge reluctantly agreed after much discussion (stay tuned for my in-trial report). Afterward, Ken and Shelly Anderson spoke with media outside the BC Supreme Court building:

My first-person account of what transpired inside court is forthcoming.

Please stay tuned, may the Schwartz be with you!

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