Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Abbotsford Police Department E-Mail Addresses

Re: Abbotsford family fury after botched grow-op bust, Mom fumes after police raid fails to unearth pot bunker

People wanting to contact the Abbotsford Police Department have another option besides calling a telephone number or using a tedious web form: send them an e-mail.

Although the Abbotsford Police Department fails to list any e-mail contacts on their Web Site, this public data is available to anyone who visits their Contact Us page, right-clicks and selects "view page source": - Constable Ian MacDonald, Public Information Officer - Police Recruiting - Civilian Jobs - Victims Services - Youth Squad - Junior Police Academy - Volunteer Opportunities

This information should be a simple matter of public record available on the web site, but it's not. Instead, it's hidden behind a scripted fill-in-the-blanks web submission form that limits the scope and variety of "acceptable" feedback.

The Abbotsford Police Department is shortchanging the taxpayers' right to contact them on the most widely accepted communication method in the world: a simple, direct email.

We need a new law in Canada: public servants' e-mail addresses should not be hidden behind fill-in-the-blank contact forms that shoehorn expression into tiny web boxes with drop-down menus. Citizens must have access to easily found e-mail addresses on every taxpayer-funded web site.


Fuzzyknuckles said...

Fo shizzle!

Anonymous said...

Bunch of corrupt, child-molesting assholes if you ask me. You want to find the UN gang? Go to the Abby PD.