Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sweden Democrats' Banned Commercial

Because this election TV commercial was banned by Swedish TV4, I'm featuring it here so it doesn't drop into the memory hole:

How might an election ad like that fly here in Canada if the pram-racing Burqua team was replaced with Tamil boat-people refugees from Sri Lanka?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Khuram Sher's Got Talent: Going From Stage to Jail in 2 years

It took Paris Hilton five years; Lindsay Lohan toiled for 12 to achieve the same fate. Only Susan Boyle could beat Sher's record if she loses her cool again and goes on a rampage sometime during the next five months. Good luck, Susan!

2008 Canadian Idol contestant Khuram Sher arrested in homegrown terror investigation by the RCMP in 2010.


Dear Internet,

I love you.

Never change.



The Internet lovingly responds with a YouTube video of alleged homegrown terrorist Khuram Sher appearing on Canadian Idol as the village idiot:

"...volunteer terrorists also view jihad as an opportunity for adventure, a chance to gain status in a subculture that exalts violence, to overcome perceived personal humiliation and prove manliness, to demonstrate prowess, to be perceived as a warrior in an epic struggle...

The jihadist may see terrorism as a path to glory in every sense of that word."

-RAND Corporation report

P.S. Headline reminds me of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson's PR Diet last month.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Parenting Texas-Style or Child Abuse?

It's child abuse:

Robert Rausch of Southlake, Texas thought himself pretty clever when he pimped out his curfew-breaking teenage daughter in a local newspaper ad:
"My name is Kirstin and I'm a 16-year-old CSHS junior. I'm in BIG trouble for missing my curfew and my parents are making me provide 30 hours of FREE babysitting as punishment. My pain is your gain so call 817-251-5864 to reserve a date & time.

References available and my parents will screen and verify all requests."
Rausch's plan backfired and his daughter is in danger after local creeps and child predators started calling the family home:

If Mr. Rausch was being honest, his ad would have read:
"My name is Robert Rausch and my daughter is my property. I get a real kick out of punishing her via public humiliation and forced servitude. I also enjoy the attention it brings upon myself, which I really like to bask in because this family is all about me."
Is this just the tip of the iceberg? What other perverted punishments has this cruel and unusual father perpetrated on his daughter before this?

Robert Rausch: Southlake's perverted parent pimp wears his best shit-eating grin for TV cameras

This creep published his phone number in the newspaper so feel free to call him at 817-251-5864. Hopefully he'll have to pay the phone company to get a new unlisted number, amounting to a socially-imposed fine for his reprehensible behavior.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden, Vancouver BC

I'll be visiting here tomorrow, stay tuned for my report.

Meantime, here's some research material I found online:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tethys and Enceladus in Saturn's Rings

A billion miles from Earth, spacecraft Cassini sends us amazing images.

Who needs imaginary things in the heavens when we have real stuff that is amazing and awe-inspiring?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Abbotsford Police Department E-Mail Addresses

Re: Abbotsford family fury after botched grow-op bust, Mom fumes after police raid fails to unearth pot bunker

People wanting to contact the Abbotsford Police Department have another option besides calling a telephone number or using a tedious web form: send them an e-mail.

Although the Abbotsford Police Department fails to list any e-mail contacts on their Web Site, this public data is available to anyone who visits their Contact Us page, right-clicks and selects "view page source": - Constable Ian MacDonald, Public Information Officer - Police Recruiting - Civilian Jobs - Victims Services - Youth Squad - Junior Police Academy - Volunteer Opportunities

This information should be a simple matter of public record available on the web site, but it's not. Instead, it's hidden behind a scripted fill-in-the-blanks web submission form that limits the scope and variety of "acceptable" feedback.

The Abbotsford Police Department is shortchanging the taxpayers' right to contact them on the most widely accepted communication method in the world: a simple, direct email.

We need a new law in Canada: public servants' e-mail addresses should not be hidden behind fill-in-the-blank contact forms that shoehorn expression into tiny web boxes with drop-down menus. Citizens must have access to easily found e-mail addresses on every taxpayer-funded web site.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Movie Parallels: Inglorious Basterds and Centurion

A year after his starring role in Inglorious Basterds, actor Michael Fassbender followed up with Centurion, a movie with striking similarities to Inglorious Basterds.

In both movies, Fassbender showcases his zesty talent for nailing different languages and accents:

Michael Fassbender in Inglorious Basterds: "drei Gläser!" (oops, busted as a Brit!)

Michael Fassbender in Centurion: "Ky-eer me-yeejet!"

In both movies, characters hide silently under the floorboards:

Shosanna (Mélanie Laurent) hides silently under the floorboards

Quintus Dias (Fassbender) hides silently under the floorboards

In both movies, a uniquely gifted tracker hunts down human prey:

Christoph Waltz plays the gifted Jew Hunter

Olga Kurylenko plays the gifted Roman Hunter

Interesting and funny! I think the Centurion script writers were just having a little meta fun with Fassbender's previous role. And for that, we thank them.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bike Messenger Hits Jaywalker = Null

The ending is funny but surprisingly appropriate and just. Kudos to the pedestrian who takes it in stride and acknowledges his role in the accident, rather than behaving like a victimized drama queen:

Totally true! It does cancel out.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sarah Palin Speaks to "Worst Governor Ever" Critic

Palin's Daughter Behaves Like Street-Fighting Gang Bitch

Queen of white trash Sarah Palin spoke with critic Kathleen Gustafson, teacher and fellow fisherman's-wife hanging the banner "Worst Governor Ever" in Alaska, on YouTube recently.

Watch how Palin's greasy entourage conspires to block the camera view. Why? What are these weasels hiding? What does this behavior tell us about Palin and her hoodlum horde?

They're all con-artists, a team of white trash bumpkins sniffing at the big time but too obtuse, unsophisticated and morally corrupt to go forward in any dignified and self-respecting way.

In this video, Palin's entourage behaves like a dumb gang of hillbillies. Two brutes try to block the camera, meanwhile Palin's daughter leans in and gesticulates aggressively like a street-fighting gang bitch, saying something incredibly stupid. Houston, the apple has landed, it's right beside the trunk.

Or, as Sarah Palin might say, "A grizzly cub doesn't drop far from her mama's lions."


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Никола́й Алекса́ндрович Алексе́ев - Na zdrovyeh!

In jest, I called out in Russian "To your health, Nikolai!" and he turned to give me a good camera shot:

Who is Nikolai Alekseev? Learn more here.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting Pregnant the Homeopathic Way

-- dilution delusion --

Homeopathic dilutionists claim that the more a substance is diluted, the more effective it becomes:

Here's a video explaining how the homeopathic dilution process works. Despite his irreverent sass and humor, the narrator accurately depicts the homeopathic method for preparing "remedies". I challenge any homeopath to find a single error in the methodology being used here to achieve 30 C dilution:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Alone in the Wilderness: Dick Proenneke Cabin-Building Film on PBS

I live in a waterfront house with shoreline fences to stop the locals from using my beach. "You kids keep off my sand lawn!"

So if there's one thing I really enjoy - aside from maintaining vigil on my back porch with a shotgun loaded with rock-salt - it's a show about a cabin-building hermit living lakeside in the middle of nowhere on the last frontier.

PBS patrons and insomniac late-night TV surfers will be familiar with Alone in the Wilderness, the story of Dick Proenneke's self-built cabin project on the shores of Twin Lakes, Alaska during the late 1960s:

In addition to being incredibly fit and strong for a man his age, Dick was very clever and intelligent. His self-movie skills were genius for the era; he was indeed a director before his time. Film clips he recorded 50 years ago are on par with many how-to videos on YouTube today, like carving door hinges out of tree trunk roots and crafting interlocking wooden parts for a bear-proof cabin door lock. Bears!

I wouldn't be surprised if present day TV woodsman Les Stroud credited Proenneke as a major inspiration for his own Survivorman production. And also stole some of his ideas and techniques, obviously. Kidding! Les is best.

Make no mistake, Les Stroud is indeed the real deal. After all, Survivorman is the only real thing keeping the OLN network afloat in a sea of cheap paranormal and re-enacted BS. Ghost Hunters, really? UFO Hunters, really? Operation Repo, really? Mantracker, rea- OK yes it's staged like the others but at least it's entertaining: "Mantracker almost always gets 'em in the end!"

Proenneke's end came April 28, 2003 - six days after viewing the final cut of his PBS bio-pic - but he continues to live on through the films he left behind.

His cabin is still standing today, including spice jars left on a kitchen shelf: (H/T dcmorga)

Want to learn more? Visit the National Park Service web page Proenneke's Cabin.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hack from the Past: Coin-Operated Speed Queen Washing Machines

With a keen eye and fifty cents I netted this gem at a garage sale which only true geeks can appreciate:

The seller explained it's the programming guide for the vendor computer inside Speed Queen coin-operated washing machines back in the 1980s. The guide provides technicians with codes they can use to calibrate and test the machines, or reprogram the cost required per use:

It's also an historic collection of the first software Easter eggs:
1. Open and close the service door. 2. Press and hold NORMAL, then press HOT.
Who would have guessed that Maytag repairmen were performing Nintendo game cheats 10 years before the system hit the market?

UPDATE - page 13, by request:

Watching for Northern Lights from Prospect Point

According to astronomers, tonight we have a once-in-11-year opportunity to view the aurora borealis from as far south as Canada's borders and parts of northern USA. That's definitely worth capturing on film!

So I'm camping out tonight at Prospect Point in Stanley Park, hoping to catch a once-in-a-lifetime view of the rare phenomenon this far south. Here are my mountain-top hourly observations, posted in reverse chronological order:

[4:30am: Zzzz]

3:30am - Still no lights in the sky. Local raccoons make a meal of the garbage cans, maybe aurora borealis is on a diet too:

2:30am video - still nothing but man-made lights and a black sky above:

1:30am video - still no lights in Vancouver's north sky:

12:30am - no aurora borealis visible yet:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ken and Shelly Anderson Speak to Media Outside BC Supreme Court

Shelly Anderson, lawyer Stanley Schwartz, Ken Anderson outside BC Supreme Court

Vancouver lawyer Stanley Schwartz joins case pro bono, wins trial adjournment.

Today I attended the Anderson v. Anderson parental support trial in BC Supreme Court at 800 Smithe street in Vancouver.

A 71 year old mother is suing four of her estranged adult children for parental support of $750 per month each - including the son she abandoned at age 15. Although the case has been in the system 11 years before today, the BC Supreme Court must wait a little longer.

Vancouver lawyer Stanley Schwartz stepped up this morning to represent Sherry and Ken Anderson pro bono after reading news reports about their plight:

"I read about it. They needed help. You gotta give back. And you know what? I had great parents" Schwartz told reporters gathered outside the courtroom this morning.

Plaintiff Shirley Anderson was not present. She lives in Trail, BC, 600km from Vancouver.

Requesting the adjournment, Schwartz told the court "The defendants' case has a substantial amount of merit to it but they simply don't know how to do it."

The judge reluctantly agreed after much discussion (stay tuned for my in-trial report). Afterward, Ken and Shelly Anderson spoke with media outside the BC Supreme Court building:

My first-person account of what transpired inside court is forthcoming.

Please stay tuned, may the Schwartz be with you!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Vancouver Pride Parade: Hedy Fry Paints Herself Silver

"Who painted Hedy Fry silver?" I asked a staff volunteer at the Hedy Fry tent after the parade. "I think she painted herself" he said.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vancouver Pride Parade: Queers Against Israel Apartheid

The strangest sight at this year's Gay Pride Parade - winner of the "most non-sequitur" award goes to - Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.

"Who the hell are they?" the crowd around me asked each other, "Why are they covering their faces?"

"No occupation! More masturbation!" they chanted, confusing the hell out of everyone:

Vancouver Pride Parade: Gay Pride Baby

It was a busy day for Gay Pride Baby! Wearing beads, adjusting posture, getting photo taken, smiling, yawning and burping. Kudos to his parents for teaching him about diversity early on in life.

Vancouver Pride Parade: Dykes on Bikes

"Dykes on Bikes" is a crowd favorite every year at gay pride parades around the world and this year Vancouver was no exception. Dozens of smokin' hot lesbian bikers revved up spectators today at the Vancouver 2010 Pride Parade.

Some were topless but I had to edit them out in compliance with YouTube rules, sorry everyone! All I can say is they looked like this (.)(.)