Friday, July 2, 2010

HST Profiteering at Vancouver Stores and Retailers?

Today at my "usual place" I bought a pizza slice and can of ginger ale, paying $3.92. Before the HST, the cost was $3.50.

Although the new price seemed higher than it should be, I paid without comment (holding my tongue even while the cashier struggled with a calculator to make change from $4.02. How ridiculous.)

Later, while munching on the hot slice in my left hand, I scribbled some pencil math on a napkin with my right hand, and concluded the price for my pizza & pop had increased by 12%.

What the heck? If a 5% GST on fast food (and other convenience items) is replaced by a 12% HST, shouldn't the net increase be 7%?

What is the pizza shop owner doing? I'm going to start packing my own lunch more often.

I will do more research on this at other places. I really hope I don't have to write headlines like this going forward:

BC businesses fail to pass along HST savings to consumers

BC businesses evil pricing scheme: raise prices 5% in lieu of GST, then add 12% HST

Some BC stores fleecing customers for GST and HST

Mom & Pop store hoses local families 17% tax via HST pricing scam


Ryan said...

I noticed here in Ontario many items over a span of a month before the HST, started to go up in price.
I found utilities the worst offender for this.
Cable, water, heating etc. all went up drastically the month before the HST.

Sad thing is, despite what both our governments have said, companies large or small will not lower the prices of items.
Even when I was listening to CKNW small business owners were calling up indicating they would not pass the "savings" along.

bulletproofcourier said...

Indeed, I found out my answer today. On July 1st - day 1 of HST - the pizza shop owner raised the price of a can of soda pop.

Anonymous said...

Yup, a certain fast food chain headquartered here in Van upped their prices $.10 on almost everything 2 days before HST hit.

Anonymous said...

Just a warning to all you. Expect food prices to rise incredibly over the next little while. HST aside, the price of flour is up 4% and oils 8%. And that's just with the first round of increases, expect more to come.