Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Gregor Robertson PR Diet: Go From "Fuck" to "Oops" in 14 days

(Who's Next?)
Mayor Robertson and Councilor Meggs almost had matching leg casts

July 8, Mayor Gregor Roberston's open mic gaffe:
Video, audio of Robertson: "Who are all these fuckin' hacks?"
July 22, Red Light Robertson:
The mayor was in the new Dunsmuir Street bike lane on July 22 when he blew through a red light to make a right turn onto Richards Street without stopping or checking for oncoming traffic...
Here's a video featuring bus driver Michele Macdonald explaining how close Robertson came to having matching leg casts with city councilor Geoff Meggs:

So what's the take-away here? Obviously, no one's perfect. Robertson deserves a break on this, especially from his fellow downtown cyclists who have benefited so much from the new bike lanes and those to come. Also, city hall cyclists should be extra careful going forward.

Go Gregor et al., keep it rubber side down eh?


Dennis'much to do about nothing blog said...

Remember Bulletproof that this is the same Gregor Robertson that was ticketed for failing to pay the correct fare on Skytrain a couple of years ago and really didn't seem to care.

Yes the additional bike lanes are great for us cyclists BUT we are still expected to know the rules of the road including RED Lights.



bulletproofcourier said...

Indeed that sounds reasonable, thanks :)