Saturday, July 24, 2010

Celebration of Light Tonight: Spain

UPDATE: Here's my Spain highlight video, please enjoy! Pirotecnia Igual put on an wicked display of super-loud booms & crackles, especially in the grand finale, which was totally awesome:

UPDATE: Here's the crowd in English Bay as of 8pm. Click for high-res enlargement, maybe you can see yourself or someone you know!

Tonight at 10pm, Spain will be shooting flaming soccer balls into the sky. Pirotecnia Igual will be putting on show. Stay tuned!

Meantime check out my highlight video of USA's fireworks last Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the video - thought Spain tonight was better than the US. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Terrific picture of the 8:00 pm crowd!

bulletproofcourier said...

Thanks :)