Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Night Horror Show: Julio Aparicio Throat Goring

Spanish bullfighter Julio Aparicio lost his death-match versus a bull today when the bull's right horn drove upwards through his jawbone and exited out of his mouth! (warning: graphic)

Gruesome pictures of the toro'd affair can be viewed at Huffington Post. Here's the video - complete with slow motion throat goring - if you dare to watch:

Although he obviously won the match, the bull was executed in the ring. If courage and honour are a virtue of bullfighting, isn't it cowardly and dishonorable to slay the victor?

Julio Aparicio isn't the first matador to be gored spectacularly through an orifice. Check out this bum:

"A los hermanos de mi matador: behold the glory of bullfighting, spending months in the hospital getting your ass and face surgically reconstructed. Mis amigos estúpidos!"

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