Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paramount Pictures Abuses Community Goodwill

All your YouTubes are belong to us

Vancouver residents are known for graciously tolerating Hollywood North film crews blocking our streets and sidewalks.

Inconveniences such as road closures, street detours, parking restrictions and the occasional late night car chase, shoot-out or building explosion seem an acceptable trade-off for living in the best place on earth.

Movie film crews customarily reciprocate by being excellent guests of the community they film in. They try to minimize disruption to residents and spread a lot of cash among local businesses and location stakeholders.

It's normally a win-win situation.

But Paramount Pictures recently put it's community relationship in jeopardy by making false copyright violation allegations against a man who posted to YouTube a video of the Transformers 3 movie being filmed on the public street below his office.

In a classic twist of internet perspective, there's actually a video of the video in question being filmed:

Paramount Pictures needs to realize that when filming on public property, the public has the right to film their activities and post them to YouTube. They should publicly apologize for betraying the hospitality of a community who agreed to rent them a public street for the day.

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