Monday, May 10, 2010

Marc Emery Extradited by Rob Nicholson

Marc Emery, Canadian citizen betrayed by Canadian police and government

Federal justice minister Robert Nicholson (email: has signed an order to extradite Canada's political leader of marijuana legalization, Marc Emery, to a United States prison for five years.

CBC News: [Political] extradition order issued for pot activist Emery

Emery remains in Canadian custody at the max-security North Fraser pretrial prison until transfer details are arranged with the US Gulag department of justice.

Meantime, two Members of Parliament have shown enough courage to speak out against Emery's extraordinary rendition and imminent threat to Canad's sovereignty. From the
Libby Davies (Vancouver East):

“It’s about Canadian sovereignty. Why would we cart off a Canadian to serve time in America for something he wouldn’t have been charged with in Canada? Now what we’re left with is trying to press that he at least be allowed to serve his time in Canada."

Ujjal Dosanjh (Vancouver South)

"Emery faces a [massive, profoundly] disproportionate sentence that he wouldn’t have received in Canada. I believe in that case we as a country should ensure that he’s at least able to serve his sentence in a Canadian prison. He’s not a dangerous offender."
Canada has extradition treaties with 50 countries.


Anonymous said...

rob gets low with a little help from his freinds!
what kind of justice is it when you send someone to a country that asks for 50 years for something that your country gives two months and a fine.
whatever happened to the admission of political attack by the DEA to take away the legalisers money, whatever happened to disparity of sentence, whatever happened to the shock of the conscious. whatever happened to the thousands of people that opposed the extradition with letters.
NO MENTION OF IT! last i saw, over 50 percent of canadians favoured legalising pot. canadians will have to foot the costs of a spiraling black market and the jails under these fools.

bulletproofcourier said...

Indeed what is happening is decidedly unCanadian.