Friday, May 21, 2010

Canada Line Loose-Bolt Follow-up, the Power of Blogging

Last week I commented wryly about seeing "LOOSE" written on the Canada Line tracks at City Centre station. Obviously just routine maintenance notation, but not exactly safety-endearing for passengers waiting on the platform.

Today I observed LOOSE has been scrubbed away to a bare trace, leaving a partially-erased Star of David on the track: its a miracle!

Photos taken previously on May 15:

This reminds me of when I was covering the Guy Earle Trial and the BC Human Rights Tribunal redesigned Hearing Room #4 based on what I posted:
March 30:

What's very odd is the placement of the observers' gallery, on the opposite side of the room from the door. Visitors arriving and leaving must walk behind the respondents, witness and complainants table while the hearing is underway. It's awkward and distracting, especially for the witness, who has people brushing by behind them while they're testifying.

April 9

The Hearing Room design has improved since last Friday: tables have been moved closer together and the gallery now has one centre access aisle instead of one at either end. I wonder if they read my post "Inside the Hearing Room" and acted on the feedback?
They had indeed. The layout of Hearing Room #4 changed the day after I published a fair critical analysis about it's design.

I hope other bloggers find inspiration here: you can indeed right wrongs by writing about wrongs. From trivial things, to matters of great public interest.


Chris Angle said...

Many years ago in school they taught us that one hand-written and mailed letter of complaint represents the opinions of up to 1000 other people but who didnt write a letter.

skyhook8 said...

This reminds me of the highway signs 'BUMP' that stay for years - never a fix, just more signs.

Jodie76 said...

Star of David miracle is cool!