Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Measles Outbreak in Vancouver

Children of misguided anti-vaxx parents are getting sick and missing school.

In 2008, there were 164 000 measles deaths globally – nearly 450 deaths every day or 18 deaths every hour. (WHO report)


Anonymous said...

You are correct, however the next sentence in the WHO report addresses the extent of the threat in North America:

"More than 95% of measles deaths occur in low-income countries with weak health infrastructures."

Before becoming alarmed by media reports, it's a good idea for folks to do their research!

bulletproofcourier said...

@Anonymous - Yes, North America has very few measles deaths - precisely because we vaccinate our children.

The measles deaths that do occur here are primarily due to anti-vaxx parents.

Indeed many research trials have been done, but still no link exists between MMR vaccination and autism, etc.

One final coffin nail: Dr. Andrew Wakefield's original 1998 paper linking MMR to autism has been totally discredited by his peers, citing unethical, dishonest conduct; his paper has been withdrawn from the Lancet where it was originally published.

Denying a child lifesaving medicine is child abuse, and our society should not tolerate such parental neglect.