Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vancouver Sun Thumped by Readers Over Anti-Evolution Blog

Evolution by natural selection "just one theory of 12" says Sun blogger

Readers responded with scorn and outrage after the venerable Vancouver Sun hosted an online opinion column suggesting Canadian schools rethink the teaching of evolution by natural selection, in favor of "Twelve Theories of Evolution":
"What utter, utter garbage. There are not 12 theories of evolution. There is one scientific theory (ie, scientific fact), with some biologists holding different views about specific aspects of the process. Anything else is just religious garbage. Which is what you'd expect from a religion reporter pretending to write about science."

"This article is a cornucopia of crapola. Perhaps the author should go to university and learn about evolution before attempting to infuse mysticism by manufacturing 'theories'. The author merely shows that he hasn't got the first clue as to what a theory is."

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Internationally popular science blog Pharyngula featured the story, prompting additional blasts from around the globe:
"High school students have enough trouble learning the standard evolutionary model, throw 11 alternatives in there and they will not learn anything."

"He gets it wrong with the first sentence. The world didn't evolve into being. The world condensed, cooled and then life originated. After that life began to evolve."

"How embarrassing. I never read the Sun when I lived in Vancouver (the first 28 years of my life) but now I'll have to rail against it to family and friends back home."

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Sometimes the Canadian media errs in presenting "both sides" of an issue. This is one of those times. People who want religion (aka intelligent design) in science classrooms represent a batshit crazy fringe of society who deserve no media attention other than a good smackdown now and then:

It's the scientific method, stupid!

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