Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vancouver SkeptiCamp Review

Welcome to the Irving K. Barber Learning Center.

I attended the afternoon session:

Afternoon lineup. Click to enlarge.

The venue was very impressive. About 65 friendly, smart and skeptical people attended. It wasn't crowded, which I really appreciated.

The Victoria Learning Theater accommodates 154 hungry minds.

The event was videotaped and will hopefully be available soon at VancouverSkeptiCamp. But here's my quick impressions of the afternoon:

Shannon Rupp, writer for the Tyee and Ottawa Citizen, addressed why newspapers and media wield such a limp skeptical stick. Yes, it's the cash-hungry bottom line.

Matthew Linsdell: Personal Trainers should beware of double-dipping into other professions without proper accreditation when giving advice to clients.

Radio Freethinker: Awesome presentation. Four smart guys, four smart talks.

Self Deception: People deceive themselves when it matches their needs.

Jaymie Matthews: Normal is the new not-normal. "Who needs paranormal?" Show me a picture of ghostly light in a dark cemetery and I'll raise you one high-res image of deep-space captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Which one is more thrilling and thought-provoking, worthy of wonder and personal investment and education?

Jaymie Matthews: He holds the whole world, in his hands.

G. Switzer, The Language Code. Hot-button words and phraseology can colour, clutter and slant communication. Science opponents are longstanding experts at this art; it's time for science communicators to catch up.

Jacob Vohs – Myths about Child Abuse
Myth: Child abuse happens equally across all social classes.

Fact: Children raised in poverty are 30 times more likely to experience abuse. (It's true)

Gerry Armstrong – Scientology. Gerry's talk was so highly compelling and informative, I videotaped it myself and will soon post it to YouTube.

Yves van Gennip: "Was mathematics invented or discovered?" It depends on who you ask. Also, 1+1=2 is not as simple as you think. Is math simply a trip of the mind?

Captain Picard: There! Are! Four! Lights!

.....Vancouver SkeptiCamp was a five-star event, I plan to attend the next one in October.


Jedi School Drop Out said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed yourself. See you next year... errr... October.

bulletproofcourier said...

Oops! Thanks, made the correction.

matthew said...

Hey Nice Blog. Matthew Linsdell here from Skepticamp. The link you placed with my name is not the best way to contact me. My personal website is

My email address and phone number are on there if anyone has any biology questions related to health and fitness.

Also, that video post of the bike thief getting confronted is crazy. Hard to watch. That guy must have been carping in his pants. I had a $5000 bike stolen from my parents house years ago. I used to wonder what I would do if I found the person who took it.....

bulletproofcourier said...

Thanks Matthew, I update the link. Cheers.