Friday, March 12, 2010

Glowing Hearts Day Petition Popular Amid Post-Olympic BC Buzz

Vancouver Olympic fans fill Robson street. Photo: bulletproofcourier

It's a slim possibility but many British Columbians like the idea of a new statuary holiday in February, bringing the province in line with Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Prince Edward Island.

Kate Holmes' Glowing Hearts Day in BC petition is now swelling with signatures after gaining traction in print and TV news media:
You were there. You watched it, you felt it, and you reveled in it. Let us honour our great 2010 Olympic Games, the wellspring of National Pride that we all felt and our TWO Gold Medal Team Canada Hockey Teams, and all our Olympic heroes, by creating a new Provincial Statutory Holiday to be named "Glowing Hearts Day" in British Columbia.

Other Provinces have Family Day, Louis Riel Day or Islander Day, and BC has been wishing for a February holiday too. In order to harmonize holidays with other Provinces, the 3rd Monday of February is proposed.
A day off every year in perpetuity is a fair reward for the massive sacrifice of time, money and inconvenience that BC residents - especially downtown Vancouverites - gave to accommodate the 2010 Winter Games.

Sign the petition
if you live in BC and would like a day off next year on February 21, 2011, and also Feb. 20/2012 (leap year), Feb. 18/2013, Feb. 17/2014, Feb. 16/2015, Feb. 15, 2016 (leap year)...

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