Tuesday, March 9, 2010

From Dubai to Munich to Vancouver Prostitution via Google

The Dubai assassination plot is still making news, so I decided to watch the movie Munich again, where a team of Israeli agents hunt and kill those responsible for the Munich Massacre.

In the film, the protagonist reluctantly rebuffs what appears to be a call girl working a hotel lounge:

Avey gallantly declines the temptation of the local honey trap.

Scorned, she resets her scented sleeve for the next prospect

Wondering how that business model works (do high-class prostitutes commonly work five-star hotel lounges?) I did a Google search for "hookers in hotel lounges" and got this unexpected result:

Google "hookers in hotel lounges" returns map to nearest lounge?

That's more direct than I expected - and very funny - but it presents an interesting issue:

Google makes bank by knowing my search history, which must now include thousands of scientific and educational queries, journalistic fact-checks, blog entries, my bias for clicking on Wikipedia results - they must know the style and context of my search and find habits. So when I enter "hookers in hotel lounges", shouldn't Google know I want to learn about them, rather than where to find them?

Try the same Google search in your city!

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