Thursday, March 11, 2010

B&B Owners Protestant of Gays Face Human Rights Tribunal

River Bend B&B, Grand Forks BC: No gays allowed, sorry deer

When Brian and Shaun asked to stay at the River Bend Bed and Breakfast in Grand Forks, British Columbia, they were told no.

Susan Lazaruk writes in today's Province:
...The Evangelical Protestant couple acknowledged they denied the couple the room, telling the tribunal that to "allow a gay couple to share a bed in my Christian home would violate my Christian beliefs and cause me and my wife great distress" and would be "encouraging something which I believe to be wrong according to my religious beliefs and understanding of Scripture."...
This case is pure crazy, here's why:

If the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal rules in favor of the B&B owners, shouldn't they also require them to advertise that gays aren't welcome, to prevent future gay callers from experiencing "injury to their dignity, feelings and self-respect"? That's crazy.

If the Tribunal rules against the B&B owners, fines them, and forces them to host gay couples going forward, what quality of begrudging welcome and service could they be expected to provide? That's crazy too.

No one stands to win anything here.

Meantime, the Guy Earle trial is scheduled for March 29. I'll be there to report on it first-hand. I'm presently sketching together the blog, titled Guy Earle Trial.

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