Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vancouver Police Shut Down Liquor Stores 4 Hours Early

VPD sphincters remain squeezed tight after 150,000 people partied drunk in downtown Vancouver last night.

Sign on door of BC liquor store at 1716 Robson. photo: bulletproofcourier

Private retailers are also subject to the forced closing. A phone call to the Dover Arms pub - which operates an adjacent beer & wine store on Denman street - yielded this explanation:
"The cops and liquor inspectors came in and closed the store, apparently because of something that happened downtown last night. They told us they're shuttering all downtown liquor outlets at 7pm. The cops are outside right now. They're fucking assholes."
This strategy is expected to work tonight only. Tomorrow, people will be aware they must stockpile their booze before 7pm. Or buy from a bootlegging entrepreneur out selling bottles past kids' bedtime.

Vancouver police and Olympic security will also be stepping up street patrols as crowds get boozier to "keep lid on Olympic party."


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