Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vancouver Drivers Caught Flaunting New Cellphone Law

The drivers I caught on video yesterday seem undeterred by the new $167 fine...

...The third clip is my favorite, when the man spots me filming and smiles sheepishly, pulling the phone away from his ear.

The next man, texting into his lap, is a good example of why this law is needed: I'm standing in the street beside his window, moving around, pointing a camera directly at him - everything short of lighting my hair on fire - but he remains oblivious and distracted. Until he puts down the phone. (As the young folks say, PWNED!)

This was a fun project I'll be repeating soon. I'm glad I live in Canada where we have the freedom to do things like this.

Stay tuned for another video like this next week.


Dennis'much to do about nothing blog said...

Good work - it looks like in some of the cases that the vehicle is stopped in traffic and those drivers probably think that because they are stopped it is okay!


bulletproofcourier said...

Exactly. When the light turns green they are one-handing the steering wheel into a rather complicated section of roadway.

Oswald Chu said...

Here is the solution to this simple problem which will save them money and safety at the same time.


By the way, use it when you get one.